Guest Post by Rebecca Edwards

Curating content for your audience is an art form in itself. When you do it well, you create a loyal fan base that trusts you as a resource for need-to-know information. Here are six tips to strengthen your curation workflow:

1. Keep it Focused

For the most part, stick with a theme. You can add different posts every once in a while, but people will start to engage with you because they recognize that you’re an expert in a specific field. Try not to spread yourself thin by posting about too many different topics. If you have a lot to say about another topic, a better idea would be to start a new social media site (like a new Twitter handle) just for those posts.

2. Find Quality Sources

The most important step: the quality of the posts you share. I’ve seen social media accounts share a post every 30 minutes, but for many of these the posts are short, dry, and unhelpful. Make sure what you share adds value to your audience. Does it make them laugh? Make them think? Make them more informed? If it ends up being substance-less click bait, you were better off not sharing that post.

3. Be the First

“The early bird catches the worm” is so cliche, but it works. Don’t only post the most popular things on the internet. People have already seen them, so why should they follow you for old news? Look for things that haven’t been seen yet. Search for hidden talent, fresh articles, and news that is just beginning to gain some traction. People will start following you because of the uniqueness of what you share.

4. Post Often

Post several times a day on each social network. It would be a lot easier if everyone checked in at 6 PM each night so you knew your post would be seen. You can strategize and stress all you want, but sadly, people don’t schedule their time on social networks. You simply need to share more frequently for a higher chance of appearing in front of your followers.

5. Mix it Up

Do you always post news links? Change your medium once in a while. Start posting quotes, videos, and photos to your social networks instead. Share a thought rather than an article. Showing variety in the information you share reminds your current and potential followers that you’re staying on top of all the related news.

6. Cite the Author

Nothing is classier than citing and linking to the original creator of the content. Someone wrote that article you’re linking to, so make sure to give that person full credit. Not only do they get some love from you pointing people at them, but also they could share your posts, encouraging you to get some attention as well. Search for the person or organization before you share and link to them correctly on every social network you share to.

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