About StoryForge
StoryForge Productions is a production company that tells stories across a variety of mediums and gives other creators tools to do the same. We believe that when people share narratives of all sorts together, it connects us. Whether it’s comics, podcasts, audio dramas or even jewelry, we tell stories that thrill and immerse people in worlds and times near and far.

Our Projects

House on Writer’s Block
a webcomic

House on Writer’s Block is a weekly web comic which tells the story of Katrina Quills, an amateur writer who finds herself trapped in her own, half-finished novel without a clear way home. Along the way she meets an eccentric cast of characters, each with their own ill-written flaws, and sets off on a time-honored quest to save the world!

The Dracula Fiues
an audio drama

Jonathan Harker never imagined the nightmare that would engulf him when he traveled to the backwaters of Romania to complete a real estate deal with the reclusive Count Dracula. Cut off from friends, phone reception, and even basic electricity, Jonathan discovers too late that he’s walked blindly into a deathtrap. Back in San Francisco, the first signs of Dracula’s coming reign of terror begin to appear, but its residents, unaware of everything Jonathan has learned, forge unwittingly ahead towards disaster.

The Dark Menagerie
storied jewelry

The Dark Menagerie is a collection of storied jewelry that tells the tale of each animal’s escape from the doomed carnival. Through exploring their stories, readers can piece together the events of that fateful night to uncover who was responsible for the circus’ demise. The pendants are made of laser-cut acrylic hanging from a leather cord, beautifully packaged inside their accompanying tales. Each design comes in black or bone white.

The Myth Archive
an audio drama

The legends of the old world echo through the ages. The Myth Archive is a collection of ancient culture’s mythologies, told in an audio format and based on the original source material, not popular-fiction reinterpretations. Each episode features an original score, professional voice actor, and comes with a .pdf containing the text for each story, as well as original artwork.