Written by Sarah Yoon

i_love_u_mom_by_asinevenisa-d5cjo58As a young married woman, I’m barraged with advice. My volunteer advisors fall into two camps: the enjoy-your-honeymoon-while-you-can and the have-kids-now-they’re-amazing.

Many tell me to wait five or more years to ensure that I’ve had all of the fun and travel that I can stomach. They talk as though children are the end of the world, the death of the faerie tale’s happily ever after. In some way they’re right, because my times of complete freedom will be over once I take that step. But according to the pro-children faction, freedom is overrated. They urge me to have kids—the sooner the better—because they know the joy of creating life.

Having children is the biggest change of one’s life, which is why mothers are the bravest storytellers. They diminish their own tale to create something entirely new. Writers cradle their novels, worrying over every comma and conjunction, but even they can’t match the bravery of our momma bears.

A mother is brave because she can never know how exactly the story will go. She listens for hungry cries and happy coos, working hard to keep this new life growing and thriving. She educates you so you don’t burn yourself and loves you even when you do. Her heart is fully engaged in her precious story, and she risks her own well being to help develop your character and shape your future. Even when you rebel against her as an adolescent prodigal, she waits and hopes.

Here’s a big thank you to my mom and to all the mothers I know, because your courage and hard work help these baby novellas grow into beautiful and uplifting works of art. Thankful for how she created your life’s story and encourages you to tell new stories of your own? Share this article and join with me in wishing her a very happy Mother’s Day!

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