“Creativity has innumerable inlets; the more you tap into, the more creative you will be.”

“I used to call myself a slow writer, an uninspired individual. I’ve watched storytellers across each medium face the same problem; we cast comparisons and always fall short. But this insecurity needn’t be a staple of our craft, and the elusive muse needn’t be our main source of inspiration. If we understand our creative processes, we can create a lasting foundation for our art. When you embrace your personal style, you’ll produce more satisfying work and feel more equipped to explore the world of storytelling. As you explore FireStarters, I hope that you are inspired to unleash your creative energy and change the world.”

–Sarah Yoon, author of FireStarters

FireStarters digs to the core of your personal process:

Know Yourself

Understanding the source of your creativity allows you to embrace your strengths and pinpoint your weaknesses.

Chapter 1 – The Muse’s Power Discover the origins of your creativity and the resources you already have inside you.

Chapter 2 – Know Yourself Dive into the depths of your inner muse and find out what motivates and inspires you.

Everyone processes information differently, and that plays a huge role on your creative approach.

Chapter 3 – Three Creative Types The way you process information determines how you tend to express your creativity. So let’s find out: are you the Imagination Explosion, The Analytical Inventor, The Emotional Processor, or some mixture of the three?

Coming Soon: What Creative Type Are You Quiz!


Engaging in the world and paying close attention to the details that others may easily miss helps you collect inspiration.

Chapter 4 – External Inspirations Staying isolated in your genre is a sure-fire way to come up dry, Sarah walks you through ways to get inspired by other mediums from music, to comic books to painting.

Chapter 5 – Inspiration Journal Learn how to develop (and remember!) your new ideas through keeping an inspiration journal.

Prompts and exercises force you to use your creative muscles and sharpen your ability to use what you’ve gathered.

Chapter 6 – Empirical Prompts These writing prompts can be done on your own and specially crafted to stir the imagination.

Want to give these a try? Check out the Writing Prompt Section below!


The ultimate end for creative expression is sharing; start practicing even before publication.

Chapter 7 – Sharing Creativity Creativity cannot thrive in vacuum, this chapter tells you how to get out and share your ideas and get inspired by a creative community!

Chapter 8 – Creative Group Games These community-focused games and prompts let you get the creative juices pumping together.

Chapter 9 – Your Personal Muse Now that you have the keys to creativity in your hands, it’s time to get serious about intentionally cultivating creativity in your life and using your stories to change other’s lives.

Want to give FireStarters a test-run? Give these writing prompts a try!

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Meet the Author

Sarah enjoys snuggling with her husband and warming her palms with a hot cup of tea. Homey and bookish, you wouldn’t expect her to have travelled oceans. And that’s because she hasn’t. Yet. Despite her lack of actual travel, her upbringing allowed her imagination to rush through wardrobes, looking glasses, and tollbooths. As a freelance writer, editor, and aspiring novelist she loves dragging others—willing or not—into these magical realms. And since she’s worked on her novel for seven years, she knows just how much hard work goes into creating those realms. She hopes to share her passion for the written word so that the community around her can grow and succeed.

Visit Sarah’s to read her blog and learn more about her.