House on Writer’s Block

a webcomic

House on Writer’s Block is a weekly web comic which tells the story of Katrina Quills, an amateur writer who finds herself trapped in her own, half-finished novel without a clear way home. Along the way she meets an eccentric cast of characters, each with their own ill-written flaws, and sets off on a time-honored quest to save the world!

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Kat wakes up in a world that is just a little bit too familiar and embarks on a mission to escape.


Chapter 1 – The Skelter

An eccentric group of misfits goes job hunting and runs into a girl who may or may not have apocolyptic powers.


Chapter 2 – Writer’s Block

Kat settles into life at the Skelter and makes a discovery that could be the key to getting home.


Chapter 3 – The Plot Thickens

Kat’s plan to escape and return home goes horribly awry and secrets of all sorts come spilling out.


Chapter 4 – Land of Dragons

A new plan and a new hope lead the gang from the Skelter deep into the heart of the dragon lands in search of a powerful artifact.


Chapter 5 -The Winter Prince

The powerful Fae have taken notice of the doings of the Skelter, leading Fayne and Morgan to confront their fears as the gang’s search for the next artifact leads them into the heart of the Fae Woods.

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Katrina Quills

Katrina Quills, better known as Kat, is an amateur writer who finds herself trapped in one of her own unfinished works.

Victor Darkhart

Victor Darkhart is the son of the evil Lord Tyrannous and…well, you know the drill. Despite his penchant for the dramatic, he has a good heart and wants to see the world set to right.



Jack is a man with a  plan for every situation. Stick around for “Plan B” and you’ll find that he looks out for everyone around him as best he can.


Nimorah is a druid, gifted – or cursed – with the ability to hear the thoughts of animals, whether she wants to or not. She’s very protectice of her little make-shift family at the Skelter.


Fayne is quite literally half-fae, with a poor handle on her considerable powers. She’s painfully shy, but does her best to not to be a burden to her adoptive family.


Lyra is a young seer who hasn’t quite worked out the differe nces between her knowledge of the past, present and future just yet. She seems happy though, so the future can’t be all that bad…right?


An encouter with a wizard transformed Morgan into a cat, and only an act of courage can change him back. He is, unfortunately, something of a coward.

Lord Tyrannous

As the reigning villain supreme of this world, Lord Tyrannous strictly adheres to a tight schedule for world domination, and he’s not about to let anyone stop him.

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Rachel Beck – Writer

Rachel is an avid writer, video game and tabletop player. House on Writer’s Block is her first journey into the world of comic-making and the wonderful world of visual storytelling.

Allison Oh – Artist

Allison is an artist and lover of cats, pizza and putting wings on everything. House on Writer’s Block is her first foray into sequential art and she’s giving it all she’s got, Captain!