Written by Sarah Yoon DSC00587The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick is unconventional and quirky. The book doesn’t skim over messy relationships: it digs straight into the hurt, the dysfunction, and the crazies. And since the story is narrated by the protagonist Pat Peoples, who is unable accept hard truths, the heavy content is contrasted by incessant optimismSliver Linings List. Through Pat and his friend Tiffany, Quick invites you to view mental illness and emotional trauma from a different vista. He puts you behind the scenes of a ‘crazy’ person’s life and asks you to recognize the social stigma of therapy and prescriptions. I’m sure that many of you have watched the movie, so I should probably address that as well. Though the actors were fantastic, I still prefer the book to the movie. It uses poignant silence to communicate fathoms about people’s character and their emotional state. Since the movie can’t survive with so much silence, it radically changes both characters and plot to feed the Hollywood vision of romance. But instead of ending with a pow, the book is quieter, creating a meaningful testament to how broken people help each other heal. Other books to check out: North and South, and The Golem and the Jinni!