The Dracula Files: Season 2

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This audio-drama is a faithful retelling of the events of Brahm Stoker's Dracula, modernized and set in the fog-bound city of San Francisco, told through personal recordings, voicemails, and clinical files. Season 2: In the Hour of Our Death runs for approx. 2 hrs.

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Product Specifications

The Dracula Files: Season 2 runs approx 2 hours. Your CD is packaged with care and includes a letter from Mina Murray to Dr. Van Helsing. CDs are mailed within 48 hours of your order.

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Cast & Crew

The cast includes the talents of:Jasmine Hester (Mina Murray), Bill Castrogiovanni (Dr. Seward), Stephen Novick (Jonathan Harker), Autumn Harrison (Lucy Westenra), Tom McLaren (Renfield), Jonny Loquasto (Arthur Holmwood), Stephen Barrington (Quincey Morris), Rocky Bonifield (Mrs. Westenra), Pasha Sol (Russian Sea Captain) and John Earl Eddings (Dr. Van Helsing).

Additional voices provided by Malina Germanova, Patricia Fructuoso, Curtis Case, Hubert Escarpeta, Paul Anderson, Shaina Edwards, Devin Larson, Adam Greenfield, Tim Christensen, Jodi Davis, Chelsea Kwoka, Rachel Beck, Tom McLaren, Matthew Edwards, Kyle Keene, and Jaden Tran.

The production was created by: Karyn Keene (director/editor/writer), Rachel Beck (producer/writer), Elizabeth Kobayashi (producer/assistant director) William Helmuth (locations), Matthew Edwards (writer/script supervisor), David Hoffman (writer), and Kyle Keene (writer/props).

Original Music by Ryan Keene and Jonah Gallagher

Additional SFX provided by multiple artists. For a full attribution list click here.


  1. Mackenzie

    What a ride! Russian sea captains, accented doctors with arcane knowledge, a city with no idea what’s coming…Season 2 has it all. Listen to the first half whenever you want, but don’t listen to the second half after dark!

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