The Norse Myths (CD)


Their legends echo through the ages. The Myth Archive is a collection of audio retellings of ancient cultures’ mythologies, based on the original source material, not popular-fiction reinterpretations. Each episode features an original score, based on what we know of that culture’s music during that period. Each collection comes with a .pdf containing the text for each story, as well as original artwork.

The Norse Archive features the Norse creation myth, as well as tales of Odin, Thor, Embla, Loki and many others as Ragnorok is revealed and the wheels of fate begin to turn towards the end of the age.

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Each myth has been retold for modern audiences, staying true to the stories from The Poetic Edda & The Prose Edda of Snorri Sturluson, a Medieval Icelandic collector of Norse Myths. Upon purchase, you will receive a 12-page digital PDF including the text of each story and its accompanying original artwork. Orders will be shipped within 48 hours of purchase.

Physical copies of the Norse Myth only available while supplies last.

Tracks on CD:
1. The Creation – Part 1
2. The Creation – Part 2
3. Loki’s Children
4. How Odin Lost His Eye
5. The Binding of Fenrir
6. The Theft of the Golden Apples – Part 1
7. The Theft of the Golden Apples – Part 2
8. The Creation Soundtrack
9. Loki & The Giant Eagle Soundtrack


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