From the Writer

Rachel here. I’m the writer for House on Writer’s Block.

Whether you’ve been reading along since the beginning (thanks!) or just picked up this comic (welcome!) you’ve probably noticed both the writing and the art sliding about like an octopus on ice skates for the first time. It’s been a two-year journey so far of experimenting with styles and learning what works. Looking back through the archives, it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. We’re more than halfway through this story, but every chapter feels like a new beginning.

Reading through the script, I’ve realized that one of the great strengths of this chapter is that that all the foundational pieces for the plot have finally been built, and the story can finally plunge ahead without having to stop and explain itself. That’s a hugely satisfying moment for me, and, I trust, will make for a very enjoyable story for you. Thanks for reading!


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