The Dark Menagerie – Once upon a time…

Watch the trailer and then choose an animal pendant below to begin unraveling the mystery of the Dark Menagerie. Each pendant comes with a story and a clue to what befell the carnival that fateful night…

Once upon a time, there was a traveling carnival with all manner of wonderful creatures within it. But one night, the carnival was abandoned and all the animals escaped out into the world.

What happened to the carnival and it’s menagerie of animals?Packaging

The Dark Menagerie is a collection of “storied jewelry”. Storied jewelry is a type of jewelry which exists within the context of a story.

Each piece of the Dark Menagerie collection comes with a stand-alone story that also gives clue to greater mystery of what happened to cause the carnival to mysteriously go dark.

If you and your friends collect each pendant, you can piece together the events of that fateful night.

To give you a taste of what these stories are like, consider the tale of the fortune teller’s raven….


The Fortune Teller’s Raven

The raven perched above the carveRaven Croppedd bones and woven symbols that adorned the fortuneteller’s tent. Its ebony eyes fixed on the giggling girls at the door.

“One at a time,” the fortuneteller rasped. The old woman pulled the first customer of the evening inside and the heavy cloth tent flap fell shut, muting the carnival noise outside. Coins passed across the table. The fortuneteller read the girl’s palm and turned Tarot cards. As the girl leaned forward, the crone murmured fortunes of love to an opaque crystal ball. Throughout, the raven sat silent. He perched immobile until the last girl extended her palm.

“Sickness,” the raven squawked, and both at the table below him jumped. An hour later, the girl had violent food poisoning and was rushed to the hospital. The raven was silent for the clerk and the pregnant mother, but to the banker, he intoned, “poverty” and the old man turned white. “Theft,” the raven told the athlete and “heartbreak” to the bachelor.

The fortuneteller considered putting the raven away for a few nights.
At the end of the evening, the ringmaster pushed the tent flap aside.

“Closing time,” he called. The raven leaned forward and shuffled its feet.

“Death,” it whispered, and made a break for the open door. 


You can purchase each of the Dark Menagerie pendants by clicking on their images below.
The Dancing Bear

The Dancing Bear

The Fortune Teller's Raven

The Fortune Teller’s Raven

The Trapeze Boy's Fox

The Trapeze Boy’s Fox

The Magician's Rabbit

The Magician’s Rabbit

The Faraway Camel

The Faraway Camel