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StoryForge and Tower Threads are partnering together to see more artists find success and support! Tower Threads is a website that helps support and promote independent art by offering apparel and gear featuring original artwork from independent artists.
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Who We Are

Tower Threads is run by Hidden Tower Media, a California-based gaming and media start-up that sources its artwork from independent artists. We are very excited to be partnering with StoryForge and working together to support the independent creative community.

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What We Do

Tower Threads was created as a platform for artists to get their work out into the world, promote their online portfolios, and earn some income on the great work they have done. By offering their artwork on apparel and gear, we hope to spread the word about our artists and increase their exposure. In addition to working with us, we also hope that the increased exposure through Tower Threads will lead to further opportunities for our artists.

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How It Works

We license a limited number of works from artists that are offered online on high quality apparel and gear, and we pay our artists commissions that are higher than the industry average on both a per item and percentage basis. For example, our artists earn a commission of $3 for every shirt sold, compared to the industry average of about $1 per shirt sold.

Each of our artists has a designated space on our website that showcases their artwork, a detailed bio to provide information on their backgrounds, projects, and interests, as well as a direct link to their online portfolio. As we are committed to helping our artists gain as much exposure as possible, we provide the direct portfolio link so that visitors to our website, and potential employers or clients, can get direct access to an artist’s portfolio. This allows potential employers and clients to gain a better understanding of the artist’s full body of work and direct access their contact information.

We require our artists to have an online portfolio and a minimum of at least 5 works they can license; we have these requirements as Tower Threads focuses on promoting independent artist with established portfolios who are committed to furthering their careers. We typically work with illustrative artists who use digital mediums, and we welcome all artistic styles as we want to promote artistic diversity and offer a range of styles on our products.

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Partnering With Our Artists

We are dedicated to helping our artists grow their careers, and we know how difficult it can be to create a business, bring a creation to market, and promote that creation. Beyond the benefits of being featured on Tower Threads, Hidden Tower Media offers artists a platform to grow their ideas and creations through fair and equitable business partnering that doesn’t put the artist’s work at risk. Whether it is a game idea, a web comic, music promotion, or any other creative offering, Hidden Tower Media can help artists bring their creations to market and their ideas to life.

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Building A Community

We are working to build a community of resources and support for our artists that is integrated with StoryForge and will help to accelerate and expand our artist’s careers. As Tower Threads grows, we will continue to provide our artists with a community platform that will facilitate feedback, knowledge, and advice from fellow artists on everything from photoshop techniques to color palettes. We are looking forward to growing our partnership with StoryForge to support the independent creative community.

Please visit our site to check out all the great artwork we offer from our talented artists and to support independent art!